Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation was founded in 1968. It is a multi-enterprise group concentrating on ocean biochemical, health food, import & export trade, petty loan, foreign investment and R&D. It has four subsidiary companies and one joint venture company. The company covers 500,000 square meters and has more than 1200 employees, with total assets of RMB2.1 billion, sales income in 2016: RMB1.8 billion, sales income in 2017: RMB1.96 billion.

Algae products from Jiejing, Benefit thousands of Families. In the course of half a century’s development, the company has always focused on the intensive research and development and the application of seaweed. We produce alginate, marine functional food, marine biomedicine, marine biological active substances, marine biological fertilizer and other products. We’re now currently the world's largest industrial grade alginate producer, the only large-scale industrial production enterprise of Fucoidan in China, the only large-scale production enterprise of Fucoxanthin, the only one that extracts natural Mannitol with various sizes from kelp and the only GMP certified manufacturer of fine Iodine in the industry.

We act as the governing unit of China Algae Industry Association and Rizhao Corporation Culture Research Association, vice President of Shandong Seaweed Industry Association.

Relying on strict quality standard, perfect quality, environmental and safety management systems, as well as the leading technology innovation superiority and the concept of “good faith cooperation, mutual benefits and win-win results”, “Jiejing” brand enjoys good reputation in both domestic and overseas markets. Our market network covers more than 80 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America and Africa, etc.

In nearly half a century of development, Jiejing Group persists in building Jiejing culture of its own characteristics, with the outstanding corporate culture to guide people, unite people, inspire people, lead and encourage the staff to establish the correct philosophy and values, to build an excellent team. Jiejing group has a shining corporate culture construction achievements. Jiejing has been rewarded the Trustworthy Enterprise, Integrity Demonstration Enterprise, Environmental Protection Advanced Enterprise, the Most Social Responsible Enterprises in Shandong Provinces, and AAA Grade Credit Enterprise in Rizhao.

Promoting scientific and technological innovation is placed in a prominent position by the enterprise, to accelerate the construction of independent innovation system with enterprise as the main part, the market as the guidance, and the combination of “industry-study-research”, thus not only to improve the capability of independent innovation as breakthrough, to improve enterprise survival ability, development ability and competition ability, but also to accelerate innovation-driven development. All these actions provide a strong scientific and technology support for the rapid and healthy development of enterprises.

As the national high-tech enterprise, the implementation enterprise of National Torch Plan Shandong fishery standardized demonstration base and provincial post doctoral innovation practice base, We built academician workstation in Rizhao city and among the same lines in China, We first participated in the national “863” science and technology support program (producing fiber from Seaweed resources and developing key technologies of deep processing). We are also the first enterprise who owns enterprise technology development center, seaweed-processing engineering technology research center and seaweed deep-processing engineering research center. The three provincial level centers are regarded as the science and technology innovation and achievements transformation platform.

In order to realize the goal of whole industry chain development, taking advantage of our self-owned breeding base of 5500 acres sea waters, our company has established a new breeding base,. It has reduced raw material cost and provided high quality raw materials for the development and production of high value new marine drugs, functional food, cosmetics, biological organic fertilizer and other products.

During the new developing process, all Jiejing people will keep pace with the times and direct company’s sustained development with culture. We believe our hard work will keep Jiejing’s history long. Also we will stick to sustainable development. While enhancing the innovation of seaweed chemical products, we will focus on seaweed processing, extracting seaweed active substance and ocean pharmaceutical. Also we will enhance the research and development of seaweed polysaccharide products and ocean biological engineering products, and make our direction to the deeper level of ocean chemical and ocean biological engineering production, thus create the top platform in this scientific research field.

We will always take customers’ demand as our goal and devote ourselves to supplying high products and good service to both domestic and foreign customers to create a splendid future hand in hand.

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