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Improve ourselves for excellence

洁晶    2019-12-06 11:42

In recent years, due to the slow development of the international economy, the general market keep downturn because the downward pressure of the economy, difficulties among industries and other adverse factors, Jiejing Group has always keep in mind the original heart of the marine real economy, focuse on the deep research and application of seaweed, and constantly improving itself, won many loyalty domestic and foreign partners, and the famous brand reputation “Jiejing products benefit thousands of buyers.


The development of enterprises depends on funds and strong supporting of technology research and development, but Jiejing Group pays more attention to the comprehensive literacy of employees and the strong strength of the team. The advantages and disadvantages of this of "first resource" are directly reflected "7S" integrated management process. Every day, strict self-discipline in the daily work of words and deeds, start from the small things beside us, pay attention to learning, perform their duties, effective cooperative communication, become the inner yearning and action of the vast number of Jiejing staff and workers.



From the investigation, research, visiting and attending the famous exhibitions in domestic and abroad to visit the local well-known enterprises to study on-site management led the team (20 people from production and main responsible persons) by our CEO Lin Chengbin recently……and return to the originals, to seriously match the standard, to correct and check, to carry out the seven basic management elements of finishing, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety and economy, to realize the internal motive force, to connect with each other, to promote each other, it is difficult to transform and pay from thought to action, and finally to exchange for the increasingly standardized comprehensive management of the enterprise, and the praise of customers for high-quality products and services. After 51 years of ups and downs, Jiejing Group has developed into the oldest physical enterprise and leading enterprise in China seaweed comprehensive processing industry. "keeping the original heart, taking on the mission, finding the gap and grasping the implementation" is the general requirement of the theme education "do not forget the original ideal and ambition, remember the mission", and it is also a realistic portrayal of Jiejing Group sticking to its main business, guard against arrogance and impatience, and really do it in a down-to-earth manner. Start again in the 50 years, and step by step now. Jiejing Group will focus on bio-medicine, big health, big agriculture and other new marine economic strategic emerging industries, in biomedicine, ecological health food, seaweed stimulant ecological fertilizer, seaweed active material extraction on several major themes, strive for greater achievements and achieve better development.

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