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We Attend Luyu Industrial Cooperation Reception Meeting

洁晶    2019-12-05 19:13

On Dec.3, 2019, Luyu Industrial Cooperation reception meeting was held in Chongqing. At the meeting, the two provinces and cities exchanged views pre-prepared on the "key points of Industrial Cooperation between East and West of Shandong and Chongqing", combined with the development needs and potential in Chongqing poor areas, devoted themselves to promoting Shandong enterprises to open up the western market to achieve win-win cooperation, and explored a new way of industrial cooperation that not only conforms to the reality of Chongqing but also has Shandong characteristics.

At the meeting, the responsible person from Chongqing Economic Information Commission Industry Department introduced the economic development advantages and industrial preferential policies of Chongqing local medical, chemical, automobile and other industries. Shandong enterprise representatives also introduced the enterprise situation and cooperation direction. Fan Bin, director of seaweed fertilizer department made a related speech at the meeting on behalf of Jiejing. Further exchanges and communication were held after the meeting between Lu and Yu. Finally, the singing ceremony was held who made the intended cooperation.
Through the meeting, it helped to promote mutual understanding of enterprises between the two regions, on the one hand, by strengthening the promotion and guidance of enterprises, organize Shandong enterprises to go to Chongqing for investigation and research, and guide Shandong enterprises to attend the East and West industrial cooperation actively. On the other hand, to promote the characteristic industrial products actively, by means of the network marketing platform “All products in Shandong”, to build Chongqing industrial product exhibition area, help the industrial products producers in the areas who get the support to develop the Shandong market, and help “All products in Shandong” online marketing platform to improve the influence in western market.
In the future work, the two places will carry out multi-level industrial exchanges and promote deep cooperation by assisting to make development plan in poor areas, to accelerate the collaborative exchanges in the emerging industry field, play the role of industry associations, promote the project connection, organize the poor counties to Shandong for investment.
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