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We pass Kosher Audit successfully

洁晶    2019-12-11 15:54

On Dec.9, Rabbi from KOF-K came to our company and carried on the routine inspection based on our Kosher certificate. The person in charge of quality and person of marketing center jointly participated in the audit, and passed the audit, meanwhile, another 3 products are listed in the Kosher certificate.

First, Rabbi learned the factory plan, product types, raw materials, accessories and flow chart in details, then visited our raw material warehouse, two alginate workshops, PGA, Fucondin and Fucoxanthin workshops one by one according to the production process accompanied by our people and focused on documents and site on for the newly submitted products, alginic acid, Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin. After one day of certification, in addition to the original products, the three new products submitted also confirmed that they met the requirements, updated the Kosher certificate.

Kosher certification means Jewish clean food certification, refers to clean and edible products that conform to Jewish religious regulations. Obtaining such certification means that products have obtained Jewish food certification marks and have unique advantages for exporting our products listed in the certificate to Europe and the United States.

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