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William Henry Gerwick, the "Taishan Scholar", our special-purpose expert won the "Qilu Friendship Award" of the Shandong Government in 2019

洁晶    2019-12-14 18:56

On Dec.10, 2019 Shandong Government "Qilu Friendship Award” was held in Jinan. Total 20 experts in Shandong got the award and Dr. William Henry Gerwick, the “Taishan Scholar” recommended by us was awarded the honor.

Processor, William Gerwick, distinguished Professor of Oceanography and Pharmaceutical Sciences Director, Center for Marine Biotechnology and Biomedicine Director, NIH Training Grant on Marine Biotechnology Co-Director, UC San Diego Center for Compound Resources Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences University of California at San Diego He was the president of the American Society for natural medicine and the US president of China-US Marine Drugs summit, and is recognized as the world's top expert in the field of marine natural drugs. In 2014, he was employed as the technical director by us on "marine active Fucoidan, algin polyphenol green seaweed chemical advanced process innovation industrialization" project, and carried out cooperation in the fields of seaweed active substance extraction and high-value comprehensive utilization. In 2014, he was honored as a special expert of "Taishan scholar", and in 2015, he was honored as an expert of the thousand talents program of national foreign experts.


“Qilu Friendship Award” was set in 1993 by People's Government of Shandong in recognition of the outstanding contributions made by foreign experts in the economic, cultural, educational and social development of Shandong. It is the highest award awarded to foreign experts who work in Shandong. The 20 experts who won the prize this year are active in Shandong medical, education, manufacturing and other industries field, have made outstanding contributions to the major original innovation research, industrial development and upgrading, international exchanges and cooperation in Shandong.

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