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Lin Chengbin, CEO was invited to participate in the entrepreneurs symposium organized by municipal government

洁晶    2019-12-16 11:38

On Dec.13, we attended the entrepreneurs symposium held in the comprehensive office building of municipal government. Mayor Li Yonghong, executive vice mayor Liu Zhaoliang, deputy mayor Gao Yuebo, general secretary of municipal government Huang Xiuqin, as well as the main responsible people of the relevant departments and ten representatives of entrepreneurs from the city attended the symposium. CEO Lin Chengbin, first made a speech on the party construction of the enterprise and playing to the role of the scientific and technological innovation platform.

CEO Lin mainly introduced the experience of party construction and science and technology innovation at the meeting.

Referring the party construction, led by higher level party committee and with the guidance of party building instructors stationed in the city, Jiejing conscientiously studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the series of speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping from top to bottom, remember the “four consciousness”, firmly strengthened the "four self-confidence," to achieved the "two maintenance," carried out the theme education of "not forgetting the original ideals and aspirations, bearing in mind the mission," persisting in promoting development through party building, play the political core role of party organizations, actively exploring the work of party building in non-public enterprises, summing up the experience of party building and forming the thinking of "making key points at the beginning of the year, having quarterly plans, examing every half a year, and exchanging rewards and punishments at the end of the year".

When discussing to promote the innovation development through the science platform constructionhe said, in recent years, Jiejing Group always focuses on the deep seaweed industrial chain system, highlighting the main line of seaweed efficient refining, starting with scientific and technological innovation, tamping the four development plates: seaweed active material extraction, marine biological pharmaceutical, marine ecological health food and seaweed biological stimulant organic fertilizer, and has won a total of 11 national platforms and honors, thus to be the enterprise who get the most national platforms in Rizhao City.

Relying on the national recognized enterprise technology center, seaweed refining technology national local joint research center, national postdoctoral research workstation and other platforms, compared with the advanced level of seaweed industry development in the world, find the gap according to the standard, and formulate to catch up with and surpass the target, in the aspect of giving full play to the role of innovation-driven development and talent-led development, we has formulated and implemented the measure of " talent introduction + innovative platform construction carrier+ achievements transformation”, that has initially realized the transformation and upgrading, achieved new breakthroughs in economic development, and opened up a new situation for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. Ten R & D projects have been carried out, such as marine active Fucoxanthin, brown algae polyphenols, polysaccharide new triple green seaweed chemical innovation industrialization and so on. We have hosted and participated in the subprojects of the national 863 program, the major projects of independent innovation in Shandong Province, the national torch plan projects, and the industrial chain has been extended to marine drugs, healthy food, modern and efficient ecological agriculture, and so on, we’ve promoted the upgrading of seaweed processing technology and the adjusted product structure, and promoted the high quality development of marine economy.

The speech of CEO Lin was affirmed by all the leaders and they encourage Jiejing Group as a benchmarking enterprise for the development of the sea economy, in the process of developing the marine economy, try to tamp innovative driving and high-end development to realize the conversion and transformation of the new and old kinetic energy, to take the leading role among the Rizhao industrial enterprises, and continue to make due contributions to the economy of Rizhao. The next 50 years of development will be a glorious chapter in the economic and social development of Rizhao.

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