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Qi Jiabin, Secretary of Rizhao City Committee came to visit our company for safety production research

洁晶    2019-12-18 11:53

On Dec.16 afternoon, Qi Jiabin, Secretary of Rizhao City Committee came to visit our company for safety production research, along with Liu Zhaoliang, Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, the Deputy Mayor, Ma Xianxia, the Secretary-General, Zhuang Huihai, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Du Jiangtao, the Secretary Rizhao economic and Technological Development Zone, and the main persons from the Municipal Industrial and Information Bureau, the Municipal Natural and Ecological Environment Bureau, the City Emergency Management Bureau, the city fire branch bridges. Lin Chengbin, CEO, Teng Huaihua, the safety production director, Li Zhaoshan, the Chief of Safety Dept. meet them and reported our management measures and methods in the safety production.

The research group inspected the hazardous chemicals warehouse, tank area and workshop where hazardous chemicals were used on site, and listened the safety production work report.

CEO Lin introduced the importance of production safety situation to secretary Qi. As the municipal benchmarking enterprise of ‘double systems’ completed in 2016, we have paid attention to the production safety management, safety was strictly implement for new, reform and expansion projects, meanwhile, three simultaneous systems occupational health are carried on, we always take the hidden danger investigation and treatment as the long-term mechanism.

At the site of the hazardous chemicals warehouse and tank areas, Secretary Qi learned about the types, quantity and security measures of hazardous chemicals. Director Teng reported that we are the user of hazardous chemicals, involving 8 kinds of hazardous chemicals in the production process, there is no key supervision of dangerous processes, the storage sites and safety spacing comply with the requirements. Under the guidance of the up-grade department, we comprehensively identify the dangerous sources, supplements or strengthen the safety control measures highly individualized, "put the risk classification control before the hidden danger, and put the hidden danger investigation and treatment ahead of the accident". Closed loop management is carried out for hidden danger rectification, key devices and important parts are especially managed, to carry out the essential safety by remote control system, automatic emergency system, low toxic substance instead of high toxic substance and so on.

By visiting the site of our company, listening to the report, as well as the supplementary report of the relevant management departments, secretary Qi affirmed our measures and methods in production safety management. He asked all the persons at site strictly implement the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping "development must not be at the expense of safety which must be regarded as an insurmountable red line. As an enterprise, we must strictly manage dangerous products, pay much attention to it and check regularly, eliminate hidden dangers, keep in mind and implement actions, laws, regulations and systems, jointly safeguard the safety of the lives and property for the people. Each grade functional management departments in cities and districts should strictly enforce the law, serve enthusiastically, learn more information from the grass-roots level, inspect and guide them, and create a safe and peaceful environment for Rizhao.

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