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Lin Yanqin, deputy mayor of Rizhao, visit our company to supervise the production safety work

洁晶    2019-12-27 10:45

On Dec.26 afternoon, Lin Yanqin, deputy mayor of Rizhao, accompanied by Zheng Yue, deputy Director of working Committee, Fan Zhaoliang, Director, Li Xiaodong, deputy director of Emergency Management of the Development Zone and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau visited our company to supervise the production safety work. Guo Chang’en, deputy secretary of Jiejing party committee, Teng Huaihua, general engineer and inspector of production safety, Li Zhaoshan, director of security Dept., and Xu Li, director of production received the supervision group and reported to the supervision group on the development of production safety.

The supervision group inspected the hazardous chemicals warehouse, tank area and the workshop using hazardous chemicals, and listened to the implementation of relevant safety measures.

In the hazardous chemical storage and tank area sites, Mayor Lin learned the type, quantity of hazardous chemicals and safety management measures of our company. Mr. Ting, general inspector reported that our company is the allowed unit to use dangerous chemicals, and total 8 dangerous chemicals are used in the production process, hazardous Chemical process without key supervision and storage place and safety distance meet the requirements. The new project will strictly implement the safety and occupational health “3 at the same time” system, and strictly implement the configuration of the control safety protection facilities from the beginning.

As the municipal standard-based enterprise of "safety double-prevention system", with the guidance of the superior department, we comprehensively identify the hazard source, and have targeted supplementary or enhanced safety control measures. The closed-loop management was carried out for hidden danger rectification, management is focused on key equipment and key parts, and the essential safety is achieved through the remote control system, automatic emergency system and low-toxic material instead of high-toxic substances. The safety production awareness of personnel at all levels has greatly improved through implementation of safety production responsibility letter, safety production risk mortgage, safety fund and other assessment and management system. By visiting at site, listening to the report, Mayor Lin approved our measures and methods taken by us in production safety management, and affirmed our safety production management work. She said that safety is the life of the company, the management of the company should not only seriously do good job on safety, but also train the staff on safety, and really put the safety work in place. We should conscientiously do good to the management of dangerous chemicals, attach great importance to it ideologically, check regularly, eliminate hidden dangers, implement laws and regulations, and ensure the company always in a good safety situation.

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