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New Year greetings from Lin Chengbin, CEO of Shandong Jiejing Group Corp.

洁晶    2019-12-30 13:49

In 2019, we insist on promoting good and eliminating evil with positive energy, and repeatedly impact vested interests. The majority of the staff with the same mind and the original intention of Jiejing people are excavated again. In the second 50 years of the new starting point, let’s start from zero, with the empty cup mentality for the second venture and pull back Jiejing from the trough again!

In 51 years, Jiejing has experienced too many challenges and survival choices, and we have survived! Adhere to the initial heart, and God will bless it! For us, all difficulties will only make us more frustrated and braver. Time is a weapon to test the truth! Let's forge ahead and devote ourselves step on the efforts of generations of Jiejing people. The baton can only be held tighter in our generation's hands!

In 2020, the 52-year-old Jiejing will continue to deepen the reform transformation, with the revitalization of the Chinese national industry as the incumbent. External pressure will only become stronger and stronger, only self-improvement can be reborn! Heaven is strong, gentleman must be self-improvement! Children will be one year older at midnight and spring will be renewed next year! In 2020, the enterprise 7S management will continue to be improved; product quality will continue to pursue the ultimate, to ensure zero complaints in 2020. Profits and taxes of New kinetic energy end product will be 200 million, profits and taxes of traditional products will be 60 million, profits and taxes of private equity plate 20 million, profits and taxes of Hilton Huanpeng hotel will be 8 million and profits and taxes of Hengtai Marine Life will be 30 million in the first year! We will continue to improve our cognition and innovation, by polishing our own benchmarking with the world's top marine biomedical enterprises, by 2022, Jiejing employees will become the proudest employees in Rizhao City and even in Shandong. The value of excellent employees is our goal orientation, so that excellent employees do not suffer losses and lazy employees are eliminated! Let the best marine biological talents of the world join Jiejing, benefit from Jiejing, and share our value! Under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, I firmly believe that the national industry of China last forever.

Meanwhile, I would like to pay tribute to Jiejing people who work in Chile company, Peru company and Canada representative office. Thanks for your efforts to make Jiejing marine ecological industry chain more stable!

Finally, sincerely wish you all a happy New Year! Happy family!

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