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CEO, Lin Chengbin visits Qi Yan, senior consultant of Xiaomi group

洁晶    2019-12-31 09:28

On Dec.29, Lin Chengbin, CEO of Jiejing and Lin Zhenyu, chairman of Beijing the year of Gathering Sand international children's center, visited Qi Yan, senior consultant of Xiaomi group. The two sides communicated in Xiaomi's Beijing headquarters. CEO Lin introduced the industrial development of Jiejing group, as well as the enterprise's development process, keep in mind the original ideals for 51 years, adhering to the purpose of industry. Qi Yan, the senior consultant of Xiaomi group, encouraged and supported the development of Jiejing group. The two sides discussed and connected the resources that Xiaomi can help Jiejing group in the future.

Xiaomi was officially founded in Apr. 2010. It is an Internet company with mobile phones, smart hardware and IOT platform as its core. Its annual income has exceeded 100 billion yuan within 7 years since the company starts business, and the business covers more then 80 countries and regions around the world. Xiaomi's mission is to always adhere to good products based on make you moved and good price, that everyone in the world can enjoy the wonderful life brought by science and technology. Now, Xiaomi is currently fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and become the top five mobile phone markets among more than 30 countries and regions. Through the unique "ecological chain mode", Xiaomi has invested and led more like-minded entrepreneurs, and built an IOT platform connecting more than 130 million intelligent devices. On Jul. 9, 2018, Xiaomi successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong, becoming the first listed company with the same share and different rights on the Hong Kong stock exchange, creating the largest technology IPO in Hong Kong history and the third largest technology IPO in the world at that time.

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