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Our Company Held the "7S On-site Management" Welcome to New Year’s Staff Photo Exhibition

洁晶    2020-01-06 17:38

On the occasion of resigning from the old year to welcome the new year, in order to stimulate the work enthusiasm of the staff, improve work efficiency, create a united and progressive corporate culture atmosphere, and promote and consolidate the company's "7S" management work, our company's labor union organized the "Weclome to New Year's 7S on-site Management" "Staff photo exhibition activities.




The photo exhibition received active participation and support of the staff and various departments, and collected more than 40 works. All the works combined with the company's "7S" on-site management work, recorded wonderful moments from different angles, fully demonstrated the good spirit of the employees and deep corporate cultural literacy.



We hope that through this activity, we will inspire the majority of employees to keep in mind the teachings of our chairman and CEO on “7S” on-site management to improve the management level of the company. With a high sense of ownership and responsibility, we will work hard and build our Jiejing home better, and make contribution to Centennial Jiejing.

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